🎉 Weekend Edition Vol.023

A new Abstract Tears visual column from Tony Tran featuring Godzilla and the 9th issue of The Outer


Weekend Edition

Happy Friday!

Watch out! For monsters are a comin'... 🤷‍♂️

This week, we get a little artsy with the latest visual column from Tony Tran and the ninth issue of The Outer from Garrett Elton.

Both are celebratory and both feature monsters.

The "visual column" idea is something I'm hoping to expand on with other artists and designers and potentially even take the idea that "columns" don't have to be "written" in other directions as well. 🎵

Lastly, in case you missed it, we released our first Little Letter of Nonsense to [+] subscribers on Wednesday, but it's available to all on KoFi as well. This first letter is a Quarterly Report as we look back at what happened and what was released through Q1.

I wrote awhile back, when Monarch: Legacy of Monsters was airing on Apple TV, that I was all in on all things Godzilla. Growing up my mom loved Superman and King Kong and a lot of those nerdy aspects rubbed off on me, but I had to find my own way. I didn't go far, though, as Batman and Godzilla began to consume my entire life.

There's been a wonderful resurgence of Godzilla between the Japanese films Shin Godzilla and Godzilla Minus One, the Kong X Godzilla movies in the US, and the expansion of that world with the Apple show and, seemingly, more to come.

So when I got the below from Tony, getting to see his take on that nostalgia trip was thrilling.

I’ve suddenly had dinosaurs on my mind as of late, and dug a little bit deeper. The string that I followed has triggered some fond memories of Godzilla as a kid. Back in the early 90’s it was such a good time for Dinosaur media and I was really into Godzilla. I only caught a glimpse of it on TV in black and white—sometimes in colour. I didn’t know there were TV guides as a kid either, so when it came on, it was such a treasure. I eventually got Godzilla on the NES as well. I never knew who that moth character was in the game, until my cousin introduced me to video rentals and I got my hands on a Mothra movie. Anyway…. I think I’ve been on a nostalgia trip and may continue revisiting this franchise again.
Electro X Dino

The End

That's a wrap. Short, sweet, and beautiful. Until next time...

Stay sane and be kind,

—kevin humdrum

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