A look back at the entertainment and media in Q1 2024

Alrighty! A new feature for all of you wonderful [+] subscribers.

Once a quarter, I plan to recap the previous three months in entertainment, media, and pop culture. There will be the "best of" lists that you've probably come to expect if you know me from TIV, but also a breakdown of the events that shaped the culture—think slow journalism (from a non-journalist), if you will. This is a v1 so there are lots of improvements to be made as we continue this journey.

It's formatted as a little single-page, double-sided printable zine that I think is pretty cool. I plan on doing more of these Little Letters of Nonsense in the future for things other than quarterly reports.

For non [+] subscribers, you can snag a copy on KoFi for $1.99.