Kevin Humdrum

Editor + Strategy Consultant, Napa

The purveyor of this wonderful little place we call foofaraw along with it’s sibling site, The Independent Variable.

Contributing Partners

Garrett Elton

Comics creator + motion graphics artist, Utah

The writer, artist, and creator of The Outer.

Garrett also designed our banner for Spellbinding Volumes.

Will Kaplan

Music + arts critic, Queens, NYC

Writer and artist making and showing artwork about humans and our relationship to our surroundings. Will works with a mix of printmaking, painting, and collage. He believes words, music, and images work most excitingly in dialogue, and hopes his work in any medium ignites that intersection.

Tony Tran

Artist + designer, Melbourne

A multi-disciplinary designer & illustrator with over eight years of experience. He has worked across mediums such as print, web design, video editing, animation, motion design, and illustration and is an active member of the TTRPG community.

Tony also designed our banner for Sequential Variants.

James York

Gaming correspondent + teacher and researcher, Tokyo

James York plays with many things. Games, taiko, techno, code, and pedagogy. His son is much better than him at Smash Bros., but they both like playing online together. One of his proudest gaming moments is defeating Towerfall Ascensions on Legendary difficulty. He’s designed a few small games and is developing more as part of the York Game Lab. He works as a senior assistant professor at Meiji University, Tokyo, where he teaches and researches the intersection of games and play in education.

Design Contributors

Andy Carolan

Our unofficial designer-in-residence, who has graciously provided foofaraw with it’s logo, banners for Silver Screen Voyage and Consumption Gumption, and illustrations for Story Time. He also created the contributor avatars you see on this page.

Daniel Jurman

Daniel designed the wonderful banners for The Media Guide, Review of Links, and Weekend Edition.

Karl Oscar Weber

Karl designed our yet-to-be-released banner for Story Time.

Pirjan Ketheswaran

Founder of Kinopio, designed our banner for Sonic Vibrations.

Thomas Ohashi

Designed our banner for Sandbox Victory.

Fox Rockett Studio

Designed our banner for Streaming Variability.

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