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Expect to hear back within 7 days—feel free to reach out or check the status of your submission at anytime.

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Word Limit: 250-2500 words

Pay Rate: $5 or $0.01 per word — whatever is higher

Language: English

Rights: We request first serial rights and non-exclusive, indefinite archival rights. Any rights not used by the publisher within twelve months will return to the author.


  • We do not accept multiple submissions from a single person at a time
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions (pieces sent to more than one place at a time).
  • We do not accept previously published works.
  • We do not accept work created or assisted by AI.

What are we looking for

  • Fiction
  • Essays
  • Columns
  • Photography
  • Artwork
  • Comics
  • Humour/Satire
  • Poetry
  • and anything else that fits the vibe


The general areas/genres of interest for fiction in foofaraw are:

  • Magical Realism
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Odd / Surreal / Experimental

Mainstream authors we enjoy include: Robin Sloan, Cory Doctorow, Haruki Murakami, Kurt Vonnegut, Tamsyn Muir, Ray Nayler, Martha Wells, Corey J. White and fiction from McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, Uncanny Magazine, The New Yorker, Flash Fiction Online, GigaNotoSaurus, Zoetrope: All-Story, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and The Paris Review.

Serialized works are welcome.


foofaraw covers the world of media and entertainment so the topics we are looking to cover center around:

  • TV, Movies, Comics, Music
  • Media
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Beer / Cocktails / Wine
  • Art (Design, Photography, etc.)
  • Analog
  • Process
  • Current Affairs (two+ months in the past)

Magazine inspirations come from the likes of: Believer, The New Yorker, NY and London Review of Books, Real Review, Delayed Gratification, Cereal, New York, Monocle, The Modernist, and The Economist.

Reoccurring column ideas are welcome.