😿 Frozen Isolation

😿 Frozen Isolation

Season four of True Detective brought the series back to relevance in my mind. I gave up way too quickly on season two and while I enjoyed Mahershala Ali in season three, there was a lot missing.

With season four, we got an entirely new creative team, helmed by Issa López with a superb cast featuring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, a professional boxer who came out of nowhere and was truly kick ass in the role.

While I might’ve had minor gripes with the season, it still cemented itself as a return to form and I can’t wait to see what López does with season five.

Here’s what Tony had to say:

I’m loving the setting and the atmosphere of isolation and enjoying the juxtaposition of how they use tech, but still have folks grounded in traditional ways–co-existing in a harsh climate/reality.

The feeling like we’re not meant to live in such weather like that, but we/they make it work.
Frozen Isolation

What a killer and stunning piece!

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