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Tony goes down a Godzilla nostalgia trip in this months Abstract Tears visual column

I wrote awhile back, when Monarch: Legacy of Monsters was airing on Apple TV, that I was all in on all things Godzilla. Growing up my mom loved Superman and King Kong and a lot of those nerdy aspects rubbed off on me, but I had to find my own way. I didn't go far, though, as Batman and Godzilla began to consume my entire life.

There's been a wonderful resurgence of Godzilla between the Japanese films Shin Godzilla and Godzilla Minus One, the Kong X Godzilla movies in the US, and the expansion of that world with the Apple show and, seemingly, more to come.

So when I got the below from Tony, getting to see his take on that nostalgia trip was thrilling.

I’ve suddenly had dinosaurs on my mind as of late, and dug a little bit deeper. The string that I followed has triggered some fond memories of Godzilla as a kid. Back in the early 90’s it was such a good time for Dinosaur media and I was really into Godzilla. I only caught a glimpse of it on TV in black and white—sometimes in colour. I didn’t know there were TV guides as a kid either, so when it came on, it was such a treasure. I eventually got Godzilla on the NES as well. I never knew who that moth character was in the game, until my cousin introduced me to video rentals and I got my hands on a Mothra movie. Anyway…. I think I’ve been on a nostalgia trip and may continue revisiting this franchise again.
Electro X Dino

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