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s3e22β€”a surreal downfall of the bowling league and it's drama kings as they fall in love in a cult and ask themselves if they are okay and if they're being watched

So I was a bit lazy this past Friday and never got around to sending out a Weekend Edition. Lucky for you, we still have a new issue of Garrett's The Outer that you can find right here:

πŸ›°οΈ Breakage
The Outer #10 β€” Breakage

The collaboration part of this newsletter continues to be my favorite part and when I fall out of habit of talking to my collaborators I get a little unmotivated. So I'm hoping to fix that.

However, this is the penultimate Media Guide of S3 before we go on a little three week break to enjoy the NBA Finals and soak up the sun. I've got a lot of ideas spinning in my head for what we might do differently (if anything) next season (still tinkering with an audio idea that I'll talk a bit more about next week).

I haven't really discussed how "seasons" work around here, but essentially, each year is broken into two 23 (MJ = GOAT) week seasons that allows me to take a three week break in the summer and then again over the holidays. We will still be publishing at least one thing every week for our [+] subscribers over the hiatus. But I doubt you actually care, so lets get into it because there's some stellar stuff this week.

what's on tv this week

πŸ“Ί New Shows

πŸͺΆ The Acolyte S1 (Disney) β€” 4 June

This week in TV is actually pretty spectacular. We start off with a new Star Wars show that looks like it's following down the Andor path more than the Bobba Fett path, which is a great thing. Plus we get The Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss.

πŸ€ Clipped S1 (Hulu) β€” 4 June

But that's not the only Matrix cast member we get to see over the streams this week. Laurence Fishburne plays the Proviso East alum, Doc Rivers, in a six episode docu-series about the LA Clippers during Donald Sterling's downfall as owner (and generally creepy human being) played by Ed O'Neill.

🍬 Sweet Tooth S3 (Netflix) β€” 6 June

If basketball isn't your jam, maybe comics are? As the comic adaptation of Sweet Tooth on Netflix comes to an end with it's final season this week. I fell off the show, but the comic series by Jeff Lemire is still one of my all-time favorites.

🎭 Fantasmas S1 (HBO) β€” 7 June

To wrap things up we have a new surreal comedy series from Julio Torres (Los Espooky's, Problemista). This looks wild and crazy and wonderful and everything I could ever imagine I might want in a show. I hope HBO continues to make whatever wild ideas come into Torres' head.

days based on streaming availability for the majority of people


  • The Big Door Prize (Apple) 2:9
  • Dark Matter (Apple) 1:6
  • The Acolyte (Disney) 1:1-2
  • Clipped (Hulu) 1:1-2


  • Big Cigar (Apple) 1:5
  • We Are Lady Parts (Peacock) 2:3-4
  • Sweet Tooth (Netflix) S3


  • Welcome to Wrexham (Hulu) 3:7
  • Doctor Who (Disney/BBC) 1:6


  • Last Week Tonight (HBO) 11:14
  • My Adventures with Superman (HBO) 2:4
  • Fantasmas (HBO) 1:1

this past Friday's best album releases

πŸ’½ Release of the Week

🎳 Sha La La by Winnetka Bowling League

Not the best week in music this past Friday. We have some indie records with midwest emo/pop punk vibes and then some airy pop.

For my pick of the week, I went with Winnetka Bowling League's Sha La La. I tend to steer away from high-pitched men vocalists. I'm not sure why, it just hasn't ever gelled with me. But with Sha La La, there's a light earnestness that comes through with the instrumentation and the singer avoids the whinny trap that a lot of similar vocalists fall into. It's a record that would go down great on a cool fall evening with the windows open and some candles on.

πŸƒ Runner-ups

πŸ™ƒ Pick Me Up, Turn Me Upside Down by Another Michael

Another Michael gives us another earnest indie pop rock album that starts to get a little singer-songwriter and even a teeny bit folksy at times. While Winnetka Bowling League sound leads with the vocals, Another Michael does a lot of work with their instrumentation to get your head bobbing along.

πŸ•³οΈ Drama King by Peter Bibby

Peter Bibby ups the folksiness with some Dylan-esuqe indie rock coming all the way from Australia. There's tambourine, finger-picking, and some fuzzy guitars all coming together in a hazy rock package with a gruff voice.

🏊 Big Swimmer by King Hannah

And for our last album, we head over to Liverpool, where King Hannah steers us from folk indie rock to southern indie rock, getting almost gothic with the eariness Hannah Merrick brings as her voice glazes over the slow drumming and haunting guitar, which goes over especially in the whitespace of the record before heavy drums and guitar kick back in.

πŸ“ Other Notables

  • The Dream of Delphi by Bats for Lashes
  • Dreamachine by Habibi
  • Chaos Angel by Maya Hawke
  • Did You Get Better by Babe Report
  • Darning Woman by Anastasia Coope

this weeks best comic releases

🦸 No. 1's

πŸ‘Ή Falling in Love on the Path to Hell (Image)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Tons of new comics this week so we are going to try to do a flash round through these.

This first one is a new Gerry Duggan book featuring a samurai and a gunslinger.

🐒 TMNT: Alpha (IDW)

Before the relaunch of TMNT in July when Jason Aaron and Joelle Jones take over, we get this prequel issue written by Jason Aaron and art by Chris Burnham. I've never read a TMNT comic before, but I'm starting now.

πŸ’ Precious Metal (Image)

Speaking of prequels, the Eisner Award winning team of Darcy Van Poelgeest and Ian Bertram are back with a prequel series to their 2019 book, Little Bird.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦° Scarlett (Skybound)

Up next is the new book in the Energon Universe, with Scarlett from GI Joe by written by Kelly Thompson and art by Marco Ferrari.

πŸ”Š Profane (Boom)

Then over from Boom, Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Hellblazer) teams up with RaΓΌl Fernandez on a murder mystery book

πŸ‘₯ The Ultimates (Marvel)

There's been a lot of cool stuff coming out of the Ultimate line over the last year and now we finally have a new team-up book with Deniz Camp (20th Century Men) writing and Juan Frigeri on art.

πŸ‘ Cult of the Lamb (Oni)

Back when I was thinking about getting into games again, Cult of the Lamb was one high on my list. I never ended up buying anything for my Switch, but I'm curious how they turn it into a comic. Alex Paknadel (All Against All) is writing with artist Troy Little and the follow-up series is already slated for December.

πŸ‘½ Griz Grobus TP (Image)

Simon Roy is a super creative writer and artist and now his book, originally funded through Kickstarter, is being published by Image.

πŸ› Canto: A Place Like Home (Dark Horse)

I'm not super familiar with Canto, a creator-owned series by David M. Booher and Drew Zuker that was originally published by IDW, but it looks like they've jumped to Dark Horse now for their sixth(?) mini-series with the character. And the character just looks cool as hell.

πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ My Adventures with Superman (DC)

If you are digging the series on HBO Max/Adult Swim, this is probably for you?

🦹 New Releases

πŸ¦β€β¬› The Boy Wonder (DC) #2

Calling this one out specifically because I love Juni Ba and want to get more eyeballs on his first Big Two book that he's writing and drawing.

πŸ¦‡ Batman (DC) #148

And then there's Batman by Chip Zdarksy and Jorge JimΓ©nez, which is probably one of the best creative teams in Big Two comics right now.

πŸ“ Other Notables

  • 🦾 Kaya (Image) #19
  • 🧚 I Hate Fairyland (Image) #15
  • πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Bear Pirate Viking Queen (Image) #2
  • Minor Threats: The Fastest Way Down (Dark Horse) #3
  • Space Ghost (Dynamite) #2
  • The Last Mermaid (Image) #4
  • Underheist (Boom) #4
  • X-Men (Marvel) #35

movies hitting the big screen this week

πŸŽ₯ New Movies

πŸ‘Œ Am I Okay? (HBO)

The week in movies kicks off with a rom-com(ish) flick on Max starring Dakota Johnson as she discovers her sexuality in her 30's. It's directed by Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro and premiered at Sundance way back in 2022 to generally positive reviews.

πŸ‘οΈ The Watchers

If Dakota Johnson is not okay, then Dakota Fanning is definitely not okay as she stars in The Watchers. Written and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan, daughter of M. Knight Shyamalan and based on a novel by A.M. Shine in a very Shyamalan looking scary movie. Will be fun to see is Ishana focuses on twists or just tries to make something scary. I'm guessing the former based on the trailer, but it's never an easy feat to achieve as I'm sure M. Knight can speak to.

πŸ˜… I Used to Be Funny

Lastly, things don't get much brighter in this little indie dark dramedy starring Rachel Sennott. She may be playing an aspiring stand-up comedian / nanny, but there's some trauma and mystery thrown in to keep the mood dour.

And a good day to you! I think we nailed it this week. Lots and lots and lots of cool things to look forward to. Let me know what you end up checking out.

Stay sane,


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