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s4e1—an exploding ray of food leads you to the next time you are raised from the ashes like an immortal running from a spider

Welcome back to foofaraw! I hope you enjoyed the last three peaceful weeks without me, but we are officially back for another 23 weeks to set the world on fire.

Since it's our first week back I want to ease into things and get right into the meaty parts. I'll have more to say about some of the changes and the exciting things we are working on next week—but you can read to the bottom if you want a little sneak peak.

what's on tv this week

📺 New Shows

☀️ Sunny S1 (Apple) — 9 July

Rashida Jones stars in this Severance-esque show from Apple and creator Katie Robbins. Jones plays an American woman living in Japan after losing her husband and receiving a "homebot" under mysterious circumstances. High hopes for this one.

🥯 Sausage Party: Foodtopia S1 (Amazon) — 10 July

If you saw Seth Rogan's Sausage Party movie, you know exactly what you are getting into with this one.

🐈 Exploding Kittens S1 (Netflix) — 12 July

From The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman comes Exploding Kittens! I'm a huge Oatmeal fan (as all people should be) and seeing Inman go from webcomics to creating games to working on tv and movies to getting his own property turned into a show is super exciting. And it looks incredible.

days based on streaming availability for the majority of people


  • The Acolyte (Disney) 1:7
  • Presumed Innocent (Apple) 1:6
  • Sunny (Apple) 1:1-2
  • Sausage Party: Foodtopia (Amazon) S1


  • The Boys (Amazon) 4:7
  • Fantasmas (HBO) 1:6
  • Exploding Kittens (Netflix) S1


  • My Adventures with Superman (HBO) 2:9
  • House of the Dragon (HBO) 2:5

this past Friday's best album releases

💽 Release of the Week

⏲️ Next Time by Bacchae

First week back and we have a superb new album to celebrate. This one is right up my alley—female-led punk rock that propulses itself forward with screeching guitars and fun drum rhythms.

🏃 Runner-ups

🗾 Kokoro by Sababa 5 and Yurika Hanashima

A really cool and soothing psycadelic, jazzy rock album coming to us all the way from Tel Aviv and Tokyo. I'm really digging the clean and upbeat drums on this record and since I'm not much of a lyrics person anyway, I love hearing non-English music.

🌈 Happenings by Kasabian

This doesn't seem to be getting reviewed very well and I guess there are some band dynamics happening here, but there some interesting sounds on this indie dance punk/pop record. This isn't my type of music, but I think people who are more open to pop and electronic music will dig it still.

this weeks best comic releases

🦸 No. 1's

☢️ X-Men (Marvel)

A new age of X-Men is here being ushered in by Jed McKay and Ryan Stegman. The Krakoan Age is over and now they are being built up again From the Ashes. This is the beginning of famed Marvel editor, Tom Brevoort, taking over the X-Men line and office. It's always exciting to see a big shift editorially on a huge line like X-Men.

✍️ The Domain (Image)

Stemming from Chip Zdarksy's fantastic Public Domain, comes The Domain with art from Rachael Stott. In the comic Public Domain, the characters are working on relaunching a comic—this is that comic. Pretty meta.

👹 The Hunger and the Dusk: Book Two (IDW)

G. Willow Wilson's fantasy comic continues here following the six issue mini-series that wrapped up back in February. Wilson continues to push Poison Ivy to great places so it's awesome to see her find success with this indie fantasy book.

🚬 Kill All Immortals (Dark Horse)

I'm not gonna lie. I know nothing about this, but the tagline of "Succession meets John Wick... with immortal Vikings" is enough for me to give this a shot.

🪰 Barfly (Minor Threats) (Dark Horse)

It's been really cool to see Patton Oswalt build his little superhero universe at Dark Horse and this book features contributions from Kyle Starks and Ryan Browne, to of the funniest and most creative people working in comics.

☠️ Kid Venom (Marvel)

I haven't read Venom since the Donny Cates / Ryan Stegman era (although I've wanted to dive back in) so I don't know what's happening in that space, but having a manga creator, Taigami, come in and do a Japanese take on Venom is super intruiging.

🦹 Other Notable New Releases

  • 🤖 Dawnrunner (Dark Horse) #4
  • ☢️ Geiger (Image) #6
  • 🪦 Ain't No Grave (Marvel) #4
  • 🍨 Ice Cream Man (Image) #40
  • 🥏 The Ultimates (Marvel) #2

movies hitting the big screen this week

🎥 New Movies

🕷️ Longlegs

I think this is going to be the big horror movie of the summer. From Neon and writer/director Oz Perkins (who already has his follow-up lined up for Feb 2025 with Theo James, Elijah Wood, and Tatiana Maslany).

I'd recommend not watching the trailer or looking up who is in it. I feel like it'd be more fun not knowing. But you do you.

🌙 Fly Me to the Moon

ScarJo and Channing Tatum... A romcom about the marketing behind the mission to the moon isn't really something I need in my life, but the money is on the screen and I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable flick.

And that's a wrap for our first week back!

The publishing schedule is going to change a bit around here, but like I said, we can talk about that next week. Until then, stay tuned for the Weekend Edition which will fill you in on all the cool stuff we are publishing this week.

Be kind and stay sane,


foofaraw s4 playlist

As promised, here is a sneak peak of the cover to the printed version of foofaraw coming very, very soon. This first book from foofaraw press is a collection of everything we published from contributors in S3 along with some fun bonus contributions from indieweb friends and bloggers.