🫦 the more you suffer the more it shows you really care

s3e19—standing out in an open field saying "where'd the moon go?" as I lose my self-esteem and talk to imaginary ladies

🫦 the more you suffer the more it shows you really care

Another pretty fun week. Music is where it really shines. A lot of fun albums with a lot of varying styles. In the world of TV, we have one show I'm really excited about and two others that I mostly feel obligated to include. A lot of season finales though—X-Men 97, Franklin, and Sugar all wrap up this week. No new number one issues to rave about, really, but some great returning comics that if you aren't reading, you definitely should be checking out. And lastly, in the world of movies, we have four contenders that all bring something different: a comedy, biopic, kids, and the mafia.

Let's get to it.


  • 📺: standing in an open field
  • 💽: where'd the moon go?
  • 🦸: losing my self-esteem
  • 🎥: imaginary ladies

what's on tv this week

📺 New Shows

🐃 Outer Range S2 (Amazon) — Date

Josh Brolin is back for the second season of Outer Range. I never got around to the first season, but it seemed to fair well with generally positive reviews.

🚬 Big Cigar S1 (Apple) — Date

Apple has been hit or miss with a lot of their series' especially with the ones they seem to play it safe, resulting in some pretty stale shows, but I don't think that will be the case with this one. Based on a true story about a Black Panther's escape to Cuba. Think Argo meets Da 5 Bloods.

👸 Bridgerton S3 (Netflix) — Date

For those who watch... I know my wife is excited...

days based on streaming availability for the majority of people


  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney) 3:17
  • X-Men '97 (Disney) 1:10 [Season finale]
  • Loot (Apple) 2:8
  • The Big Door Prize (Apple) 2:6
  • Dark Matter (Apple) 1:3


  • Hacks (HBO) 3:5-6
  • Outer Range (Amazon) S2 [Full season]
  • Big Cigar (Apple) 1:1-2
  • Bridgerton (Netflix) S3 [Full season]


  • Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show (HBO) 1:8
  • Sugar (Apple) 1:8 [Season finale]
  • Franklin (Apple) 1:8 [Season finale]
  • A Gentleman in Moscow (Showtime) 1:8
  • Welcome to Wrexham (Hulu) 3:4
  • Doctor Who (Disney/BBC) 1:3


  • Last Week Tonight (HBO) 11:12
  • The Sympathizer (HBO) 1:6

this past Friday's best album releases

💽 Release of the Week

🌙 The Moon is in the Wrong Place by Shannon & The Clams

Doo-wop meets garage rock in this fun, upbeat alternative record that adds elements of psychadelia, blues, and folk. The album kicks off with a song that made me think if Amy Winehouse added some folksiness to her recordings, you might end up something like this.

🏃 Runner-ups

✍️ Poetry by Dehd

Blue Skies was one of my favorite albums of 2022 so I was very much looking forward to this. It falls short of my love for that last album, but it's still a worthwhile effort.

🐗 Stampede: Vol 1 by Orville Peck

This was just eight fun tracks that sees Peck pair up with a different collaborator on each track. When you have Willie Nelson (singing about gay cowboys) and Elton John on the same album, you know you've done something right.

🪞 Mirror, Reflect by Amy O

This is more what you all probably expect from me. Lo-fi indie pop, female vocals, fuzzy guitar. Everything we love around here. It's poetic and a ton of fun. Just a strong week.

🍟 OUI, LSF by Les Savy Fav

I don't really have much to say about this one. It's a competent rock album from a band that's a bit lesser known than the rock albums I left off. Worth checking out. Nothing that really blows you away though.

😡 Love Hate Music Box by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Only including this because I was super excited for it—their last album was my album of the year in 2018, but this was extremely disappointing. Everything that made the last record great is gone and instead they've tried to morph into a pop-rock band even adding some electronic backing.

this weeks best comic releases

🦸 No. 1's

🕷️ Monolith (Image) #1

Another Spawn mini-series from writer Sean Lewis. Yeah... not much happening this week with number one issues...

🤖 Doom (Marvel) #1

But this one sounds interesting... Jonathan Hickman is writing this Doom mini-series with artist Sanford Greene. Cover is pretty sweet and Hickman is always working with high concepts that are worth checking out. 56 pages for $6.99...

😮‍💨 Self-Esteem and the End of the World (Drawn and Quarterly) TP

Lastly, an introspective graphic novel from cartoonist Luke Healy that sounds pretty great and right up my alley.

🦹 New Releases

🧨 Napalm Lullaby (Image) #3

I feel like I've talked about this enough, but if you are new around these parts, we love Rick Remender and will follow him to the end of the earth. He's joined by artist Bengal for this dystopian, political, sci-fi on-going.

🍨 Ice Cream Man (Image) #39

We also love anthology series' around here and ICM returns for the first of a two part story that concludes in July.

🪰 Fishflies (Image) #6

The penultimate issue of the wonderful Jeff Lemire series that started life on Substack. This issue features guest art from Shawn Kuruneru as well.

🐰 Uncanny Valley (Boom) #2

The second issue of Tony Fleecs and Dave Eachter's cartoonish mystery continues here. I admit, I haven't gotten to the first issue yet, but the reviews seem to be pretty positive.

🍑 Ultimate X-Men (Marvel) #3

Peach Momoko continues to lead the way with the most unique book from the Big Two.

🎢 Dark Ride (Image) #12

Lastly, the final issue of Dark Ride, which has been really excellent and 12 issues feels about right for the story. It's been a roller coaster of a book (sorry, I had to) from Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan. This will collect really well if you are a trade waiter.

📝 Other Notables

  • Duck and Cover (ComiXology) #4
  • Batman and Robin (DC) #9
  • The Displaced (Boom) #4
  • House of Slaughter (Boom) 23

movies hitting the big screen this week

🎥 New Movies

👯‍♀️ Babes

Pamela Adlon makes her feature directorial debut in this film written by and starring Ilana Glazer as she gets knocked up from a one night stand. The trailer looks absolutely hilarious. I really hope this does well so we can get back to having regular old funny movies back in theaters again.

👩‍🎤 Back to Black

The Amy Winehouse biopic. The trailers actually look pretty good and I'm interested in her story, but I have this general feeling it's going to fall flat. Disappointing Mark Ronson doesn't show up too, which makes me think this is going to be less about the making of the music and more about her personal struggles.

🧸 IF

Ryan Reynolds and imaginary friends. If you have kids, I'm sure you're already aware...

🔪 Fresh Kills

Jennifer Esposito makes her debut as writer/director as she stars alongside Domenick Lombardozzi in this movie about a family man moving up the ranks in the mafia.

That's it! I might have more to say later in the week, but my focus as of late has been refining my media diet and the NBA Playoffs. So no promises.

Stay sane and be kind,


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