😿 A Promethean Fever Dream

😿 A Promethean Fever Dream

Welcome back to another issue of the weekend edition. Apologies for missing last week, I’m still searching for a fourth contributor to bring on-board the newsletter (if you are intersted in low wage labor, let me know), but I do have an idea of incorporating an interview series moving forward and I’m looking for people who might want to participate.

This week I’m pleased to introduce artist and designer Tony Tran with his new monthly feature, Abstract TearsAT will be a reoccuring sketch by Tony related to some media he’s watched, read, or listened to during the month.

Before we get started, here’s a little bit about Tony:

Tony Tran is a multi-disciplinary designer & illustrator based in Melbourne with over eight years of experience. He has worked across mediums such as print, web design, video editing, animation, motion design, and illustration and is an active member of the TTRPG community.

Without further ado…

abstract tears banner

At the turn of the year, both Tony and I were sick. He with a cold/flu and me with a sinus infection. While I essentially did nothing except lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, Tony spent some of his time rewatching the Ridley Scott film, Prometheus. This piece was born out of the tie between that illness and the film; a theme on sickness and viruses.

Combine all that with Tony’s abstract, evocative, and alien-like style and the result is pretty wild.

An evolution and adaption to this virus that we never really eradicated.
a black and white sketch of a face covered by an alien helmet
A Promethean Fever Dream

Enjoy your weekend, see you back here Monday at some random time, sharp.

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