⛰️ many times i've lied — s3e15

⛰️ many times i've lied — s3e15

The Media Guide

Honestly, this is a pretty weak issue... No new shows (besides what's already been mentioned—more on that soon), no new comic series', and not much we haven't already covered in terms of movies...

At least we still have some pretty great albums from Friday to talk about.

This Week:

  • 📺: Riddled with errors
  • 💽: The only section worth a lick
  • 🦸: Industrious hammers
  • 🎥: Limited nature of all things

Streaming Variability
what's on tv this week
We regret the following errors...

So I messed up big time last week. I must have messed something up as I was putting together the new shows, mixing up the dates and jumping forward a week...

Jinx and Conan debut this week not last... and those are also the only new things worth mentioning this week... No new shows, which is probably for the best anyways as the schedule has filled up pretty nicely over the last couple of weeks. Apologies...

the schedule
days based on streaming availability for the majority of people


  • Shōgun (Hulu) 1:9


  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney) 3:13
  • Palm Royale (Apple) 1:7
  • X-Men '97 (Disney) 1:6
  • Loot (Apple) 2:4


  • The Girls on the Bus (HBO) 1:7
  • A Gentleman in Moscow (Showtime) 1:4
  • Conan O'Brien Must Go (HBO) 1:1


  • Manhunt (Apple) 1:7 [Season finale]
  • Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show (HBO) 1:4
  • Sugar (Apple) 1:4
  • Franklin (Apple) 1:4


  • Last Week Tonight (HBO) 11:8
  • Parish (AMC) 1:4
  • The Sympathizer (HBO) 1:2
  • The Jinx: Part Two (HBO) 2:1

sonic vibrations
this past Friday's best album releases

Release of the Week

⭕ I'M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! by girl in red

A super fun and tight 28 minute album across ten tracks. girl in red obviously had the big "Serotonin" hit in 2021, but this album comes together in a much more complete manner than their previous effort. The alt-pop gets a bit more ballad-y here, but it's still a super upbeat and melodic pop record. A joy through and through.

i'm doing it again baby by girl in red


🎩 Bad Bad Hats by Bad Bad Hats

This was a surprise banger. If it were a more complete album, it would have easily been the release of the week. It's starts off on a really high note in a sound I adore. They do a little experimentation a few times throughout that I don't think they quite nailed. I'm super excited to see what they do next.

🧠 Don't Forget Me by Maggie Rogers

A really nice record from Rogers. She's such a terrific songwriter, but I think as her music has matured, it's lost a bit of the fun from her earlier stuff. Even still, she kills it as always.

🐃 This Could be Texas by English Teacher

A standout debut indie rock album. I'm not sure I have much else to really say. I don't think there's a radio hit here, but the whole album is an enjoyable listen.

👂 Eye to the Ear by Cosmo Sheldrake

Imagine the dark, evil twin of George Ezra and I think this is what you'd get.

🔕 Silence is Loud by Nia Archives

Including this because I think a lot of people will like this. There's a lot of great stuff in there, but the hyperfast electronic beats underneath take a lot of the joy away from me. I'm sure there are some club-bangers, if that's your thing, but if you stripped this down to the bones, it would truly sing.

sequential variants
this weeks best comic releases

No. 1s

🔨 Roxxon Presents: Thor (Marvel) #1

Not many new number ones this week. I'm behind on Al Ewing's Immortal Thor, but if you're reading it, this will probably be a fun one-shot to check out.

thor and some other comics

New Releases

  • 🧸 Kill Your Darlings (Image) #8
  • 👸 Helen of Wyndhorn (Dark Horse) #2
  • 🫠 The Displaced (Boom) #3
  • 🦸‍♂️ Superman (DC) #13
  • 🐍 Cobra Commander (Skybound) #4
  • 🥷 Underheist (Boom) #3

silver screen voyage
movies hitting the big screen this week

🧌 Sasquatch Sunset — Wide(r)

Oh boy! We mentioned this last week, but it's opening up on more screens this week. I love the weird shit and this is definitely that. I don't think there's any dialogue and they have Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough dressed up as big foot's, grunting the whole time. It really feels like something The Daniels should've come up with. It's basically Swiss Army Man meets the boulder scene from Everything Everywhere All at Once. Yes please.

😫 Stress Positions — Limited

John Early stars in the feature film debut from writer/director Theda Hammel. This has a very warm and old vibe to it as Early and Qaher Harhash navigate NYC during COVID.

🧛‍♀️ Abigail

I'm not planning on seeing this, but I enjoy Dan Stevens and it seems to be the big release of the week...

Sasquatch and an illustrations of people in an apartment

the end

That's it! I said it was a weak week after all and the last thing I want to do is waste your time with a bunch of filler or new things that won't be worth your time.

Stay sane,


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