[+] 16 May 2024

Megalopolis, Shogun, Dune: Prophecy, GTA, Spider-Man: Noir, and more!

In case you missed yesterday's post for [+] subscribers, I released our first Quarterly Report for Q1. It's in a format I'm calling the Little Letter of Nonsense that's a printable single-page, double-sided zine formatted like a newspaper. I plan to do a lot more of these for [+] subscribers int he future too, not just as Quarterly Reports.

‘Megalopolis’: Boos, and Some Cheers, Greet Coppola’s Ambitious WTF Statement [Cannes] — World of Reel
Taking place — purposely? — in an unrealstic world, filled with irrationally questionable behavior, “Megalopolis” is either the most expensive “experimental” movie ever made, or an epic failure.
Delusional? Coppola Wants Full-Out Oscar Campaign for ‘Megalopolis’ — World of Reel
A Variety piece has sources saying that Coppola is looking for a distributor that will release “Megalopolis” in the fourth quarter of 2024, where he wants it to mount an awards-season campaign.

Okay, so maybe I'm a bit obsessed with this movie already... Those first two trailers/teasers were beautiful and the polarization around it, the hit pieces coming out about Coppola, the investment he put into this in selling his winery. It all has me mesmerized. I've collected a larger list of links and embedded the Raindrop collection at the bottom of this post if you're interested in some reading material.

‘Shōgun’ Seasons 2 and 3 in Development
‘Shōgun’ has been renewed for Seasons 2 and 3 at FX on Hulu.
Production has not been set as the additional seasons have not yet been ordered — but a writers’ room is being assembled and will begin in the summer. The estate of novelist James Clavell, whose work the series is based on, has also approved the additional seasons.

Wow. We already knew about season two, but the fact they are putting season three into development already as well is a bit surprising, especially considering they don't have any source material to go off of for either.


I feel like it coming off of the two movies brings some baggage for people who might not have loved the epic scope and serene patience of Denis Villenueve.

Hopefully that ends up not being the case because I think this could be HBO's biggest hit since GoT.