😿 I Curse You

😿 I Curse You

I’m not going to waste a lot of time up here in the preamble, but I did want to point out the killer new weekened edition banner from artist/designer Daniel Jurman! We’ve got more banners incoming from other designers too.

And while it’s not quite ready, I’ve officially launched the new website and moved the domain, foofaraw.press, to point there moving forward. Check it out, it’s not too shabby. The newsletter will still be coming from Buttondown–so no need to change anything, but this gives us a more permanant home to showcase the work of our contributors–and we are accepting new submissions.

abstract tears

This week Tony took inspiration from Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie’s The Curse. We tracked that on foofaraw, but I only made it one episode in… It’s something I still want to return to at some point, but it’s such a specific show that I feel like I need to warm-up before diving in.

With that being said, I appreciate Tony’s approach and the self-reflection that came out of it.

I was looking at this from the many angles (or mirrors) of peoples lives and the choices we make. A lot to draw from, a lot to put our own meanings to. At first, I didn’t gel with Asher, but over time I realised the behaviour and maskings were me. A strange and profound mirror moment.
a little cherub in a mirror that says “I Curse You”

 i curse you

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