🛰️ The Man Rat

🛰️ The Man Rat

Well hello hello and welcome back to the weekend edition—a little ray of sunshine to wrap up the dreaded work week. Go ahead and close your laptop early; tell your boss I told you it was okay.

This week we have the third issue of Garrett Elton’s The Outer that includes the introduction of a new character we will be seeing again.

I sincerly hope you have a wonderful weekend. We will see you back here in a couple of days with a Monday issue that actually includes some new shows!

the outer banner
panel one featuring a pile of poop with the title "the man rat"
our space man and the word art that says "snff snff"
a rat pointing at a pile of poop asking the space man if he is "gonna clean that up"

all three panels together

foofaraw s3 playlist