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s3e21—women of rock in need of medical advice avoiding raccoons and social media before taking the stage at summer camp

Sorry to disappoint with both a late and lacking issue. But with the holiday weekend and all, I tried to enjoy myself, relax, and read some books.

That doesn't mean we don't have some exceptional stuff to cover this week. From We Are Lady Parts to Grommets there is something for everyone.

what's on tv this week

📺 New Shows

👓 Eric S1 (Netflix) — 29 May

New Limited Series coming to Netflix from writer/creator Abi Morgan (River, The Iron Lady) starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Cumberbatch in anything is interesting to me. Exciting to get to see him do six episodes of something that doesn't involve Marvel. With the exception of Wes Anderson's short films, I feel like he hasn't really had the chance to stretch himself. Hopefully this is that.

🎸 We Are Lady Parts S2 (Peacock) — 30 May

We just got around to watching S1 and I'm so glad we did! It was really terrific. I likened it to Ted Lasso, but for punk music from a muslim woman's POV. It's heartfelt, funny, and the music is actually a ton of fun.

🏛️ Mayor of Kingstown S3 (Paramount) — 2 June

I'm way behind on all things Taylor Sheridan, but S3 of the Jeremy Renner vehicle is back on Paramount.

days based on streaming availability for the majority of people


  • Loot (Apple) 2:10
  • The Big Door Prize (Apple) 2:8
  • Dark Matter (Apple) 1:5


  • Hacks (HBO) 3:9
  • Big Cigar (Apple) 1:4
  • Eric (Netflix) S1
  • We Are Lady Parts (Peacock) 2:1-2


  • Welcome to Wrexham (Hulu) 3:6
  • Doctor Who (Disney/BBC) 1:5


  • Last Week Tonight (HBO) 11:13
  • My Adventures with Superman (HBO) 2:3

this past Friday's best album releases

💽 Release of the Week

💊 Call a Doctor by Girl and Girl

A very fun pop punk album reminiscent of the stuff I grew up with in the early aughts.

🏃 Runner-ups

🚸 Model by Wallows

Model doesn't hit the highs of their debut album, Nothing Happens for me, which I jammed to "Scrawny" and "Are You Bored Yet?" a ton. And I completely forgot about their 2022 joint, Tell Me That It's Over, but that's most likely because I didn't give it enough time. Model has the making of one of the alternative albums that I'll need to give a few listens before I have a fully formed opinion.

🕶️ Dark Times by Vince Staples

I haven't had a chance to dig deep into this one yet, but I love the vibe going into this. I think Staples is really starting to hit a stride creatively. He's always been one of one and never shied away from being himself, but it's all coming together lately for him.

🌌 News of the Universe by La Luz

A fun and funky album that I did not expect to like originally, but I'm really glad I gave this one a listen.

📝 Other Notables

  • Clancy by Twenty One Pilots
  • Blue Electric Light by Lenny Kravitz
  • ...Is Committed by Say Anything
  • nothing or something to die for by mui zyu
  • Fully Beat by Aluminum

this weeks best comic releases

🦸 No. 1's

🦝 William of Newbury (Dark Horse)

Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Blue Book) is writing and drawing this book that's billed as Hellboy meets Redwall and, come on, can you describe a book in a more fun way, especially one coming from Oeming.

⚰️ Death Radio'd (AWA)

Mark Russell seems to be everywhere lately. A mainstay at Ahoy Comics, the announced writer on X-Factor for the X-Men relaunch, and the two Age books (Superman: Space Age and Batman: Dark Age) now has a book with Artists Writers and Artisans. Never one to shy away from social issues, Russell tackles social media in this futuristic dark comedy.

🛹 Grommets (Image)

Brian Posehn teams up with Rick Remender as writers on this coming-of-age comic about 80's skater culture. They are joined by Brett Parson on art. I talk about my love of Remender books all the time so it's safe to say I'll be picking this up.

👹 Hellverine (Marvel)

What a killer concept. I'm behind on my Wolverine, but Benjamin Percy has the character nailed so I'm super intrigued to eventually get to this book.

💒 X-Men: The Wedding Special (Marvel)

A wedding anthology from some really excellent creative talent. One of the things that's been missing from the X-Men as of late is the personal so hopefully this nails that.

🦹 New Releases

🔍 Pine and Merrimac (Boom) #5

What I believe is the final issue of this PI book from Kyle Starks and Fran Galán, which I featured as one of the best books of Q1 in the LLoN earlier this month. If you haven't checked it out yet, it'll probably make for a great trade.

🤖 Dawnrunner (Dark Horse) #3

Another heavily featured book. It's just so good.

🦇 Batman: Dark Age (DC) #3

We've previously mentioned Mark Russell, but if you are reading this book, it's for the Mike and Laura Allred art that is always colorful and beautiful.

📝 Other Notables

  • 💻 W0rldtr33 (Image) #10
  • 🦇 Detective Comics (DC) #1085
  • 🐙 Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives! (Skybound) #2
  • The Six Fingers #4
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #15
  • Drawing Blood #2
  • Avengers: Twilight #5
  • Operation Sunshine: Already Dead #2
  • The Penguin #10
  • Harley Quinn #40
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13
  • Wolverine #50
  • Undiscovered Country #29
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #5
  • Rise of the Powers of X #5

movies hitting the big screen this week

🎥 New Movies

🫨 The Great Lillian Hall

Not much coming out this week so I had to stretch a bit to find two movies.

⛵ Summer Camp

Both feature Kathy Bates though...

That's a wrap for today. Two more issues before we take a little off-season break.

Stay sane,


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