[+] 5 March 2024

[+] 5 March 2024

Welcome to the first official edition of the foofaraw review of links that, after today, will be exclusive to foofaraw[+] paid subscribers. After a successful month testing out the format, I figured it was time to release it into the wild. This issue is going out to all subscribers as a quick preview of what you can expect if you upgrade—if you have zero interest in receiving these, don’t worry, this is the last one you’ll get unless you change your mind in the future. The Monday and Friday issues will continue to go out free for all who desire until the end of time.

So what is it?

Twice a week (to start) the foofaraw review of links will go out to paid subscribers covering the world of media and entertainment. Each edition will be broken out into two sections, Top of the News: where we go deep on 3-6 links; and Below the Fold: where we will drop a bunch of links and headlines including, but not limited to, things like new trailers, music videos, and news/analysis across the worlds of tv, music, comics, movies, and the business of entertainment.


The goal here is a) to bring in some sort of income to offset the costs of bringing in paid contributors for the Friday weekend edition, which is quickly becoming my favorite part of running foofaraw. I’d love to be able to bring on more people and pay more for their contributions (without going bankrupt). b) I’ve been inspired by newsletters like SIC(https://sicweekly.substack.com/) and Feed Me for the way they curate the news with a point of view and a voice. Given we cover media and entertainment here and my own personal linkblog dives into links, I figured following this format would allow me to provide additional value to offer something people might pay for.


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❄️ ‘Tulsa King’ Re-Hires Terence Winter for Season 2 After His Exit Amid Creative Tension

  • I thought this was pretty funny.
  • There is so much tension going on in the world of Taylor Sheridan going on right now—between this, Kevin Costner and the Yellowstone “reboot”, that I wonder if other stars are fed up with him.
  • You can definitely tell, based on how he cast himself in Yellowstone that he is someone with a pretty big ego. Paramount investing so much in him probably doesn’t help in that regard.
  • Maybe putting all their chips on him isn’t such a great idea at this point.

🎏 Pinterest launches first-ever streaming TV show with Tastemade

  • I’m not sure many people reading this will really care about this one…
  • I find these co-branding partnerships interesting though.
  • Tastemade has to have a pretty sizable audience and it probably pairs pretty well with Pinterest, but when these partnerships have these overt in-your-face, “we just want to market to you” feel that this one does… I don’t know that it will really hit the KPIs they are looking for.

🌅 ‘The Brothers Sun’ Canceled by Netflix After One Season

  • This is a pretty huge bummer.
  • Every time I think Netflix actually makes a quality (or even solid) show, they never seem to get picked up.
  • The funny thing is, Netflix, as a streamer, built themselves by essentially shedding light on quality shows that hadn’t found an audience yet i.e. Breaking Bad.
  • Maybe they think/believe a show should be a hit right away if it launches on Netflix, but I think a big part of people diving into these show is the back catalog and Netflix would only be doing themselves a favor if, when they have quality show, letting the creators build a few seasons, allowing it to become a hit.
  • The whole media/entertainment/sports landscape is devolving into this place where if something doesn’t break through right away, it’s a failure. But there are so many examples of that not being the case that it’s like they haven’t learned any actual lessons…

👷 Unionized YouTube Workers Learn Google Laid Them All Off During City Council Meeting

  • What terrible timing. Wild to me that a company with so many resources would do something so dumb like this.
  • Someone had to know they were going to that city council meeting.
  • My guess is they just didn’t care, but holy ignorance.
  • This will likely blow over super quickly too, which is unfortunate…

🫅 The Regime movie review & film summary (2024)

  • I’ve only seen the first episode, but I largely agree with this negative review.
  • It’s extremely disappointing because I had this so high on my most anticipated list for the year.
  • I was hoping it would improve in time, but this review makes me think it will be much of the same throughout. I’ll still give it some time to make my own judgement though.
  • The first episode was super focused on one idea and it continuously banged the drum over and over and was just tiresome and not funny. They thoroughly drove the point home in the first fifteen minutes and just kept going on and on as I waited for new fresh ideas that never came.