[+] 29 May 2024

A new format, a plea for your dollars, and some great trailers

HEY THERE! Changing things up a bit with the Review of Links so I'm sending this out to everyone to give an idea of what's happening...

NEW FORMAT will look a little something like this!

  • Intro (what you are reading right now!)
  • Review of Links
    • Free for all, covering the most important ~three things of the day
  • Below the Fold
    • ~7 more links that we will go deep on for paid readers
  • Gone are the extraneous links we don't comment on at all.

We also have a GOAL!

I want to be able to upgrade my Ghost instance to the $25/mo tier so we can allow people to subscribe to the specific parts of the newsletter that interest them: Media Guide, Review of Links, Weekend Edition, and whatever else may come up. (That will also let us use custom themes on Ghost...)

So consider subscribing so we can make it easier for readers to tailor their experience to what's relevant to them.

Today we are focusing on trailers for some fascinating and riveting works of art.

First up, The Bear S3:

Easily the most important thing in all of life right now. My impatience grows to see Jeremy and Ayo continue to work magic (and tragedy) in the Chicago kitchen. The pace at which they pump this show out is truly something marvelous. I believe they just officially wrapped production like a week ago, before the teaser went out. Now they have a full length trailer that gives me all the joy and anxiety I expect from this masterpiece of a show. June 27 cannot come soon enough.

And a day later we get the new film from Yorgos Lanthimos:

Lanthimos and Emma Stone are the new Scorsese and DeNiro/DiCaprio if you ask me. The magic this duo puts out is something to marvel at and they are already in pre-production of their fourth film together. To top it off, Jesse Plemons already won the best actor award for this at Cannes last week.

It's somewhat of an anthology film as the same actors play different characters across four different short stories. Similar to what Wes Anderson did last year with his Roald Dahl shorts. Not only do we get Emma Stone and Jesse Plemons, but Willem Dafoe and Margaret Qualley also return after joining the team on Poor Things.

If that's not enough star power for you, how about Pitt and Clooney joining forces in Wolfs:

Ocean's Eleven meets Michael Clayton? From writer/director Jon Watts, George Clooney and Brad Pitt join forces once again, this time in the criminal underworld as cleaners. Comedy, suspense, intrigue. What else could you want. There's a 50/50 shot this actually ends up being disappointing, but Apple TV is putting this out in theaters on September 20.

And lastly, the first teaser for Moana 2:

I'm probably forgetting something, but I think Moana was the last Disney Animation Studios movie I actually thought was exceptional. Stoked to see if they can repeat the magic with the sequel here.