[+] 23 May 2024

Anora, The Rock, Wolverine, and more!

Oi... I had this prepped for last Tuesday... then Wednesday... then Thursday... then the weekend... and never got around to it. Some of these links are a bit old, but I think there's a ton of interesting stuff here that I don't want to get lost... so here is a half-assed edition...

‘Anora’ Leads Cannes Critics Poll ... — World of Reel
Here’s a fun little exercise in the Cannes tradition of critics’ grids, which started to take shape in 2010 and has become an essential part of the festival experience.

Anora went on to win as well. Sean Baker is terrific so it's great to see him continue to find success in these small and intimate movies.

A24 Planning Major Oscar Push for ‘The Smashing Machine’ —Set for December 2024 Release — World of Reel
Yesterday, A24 released a first look at Dwayne Johnson in ‘The Smashing Machine’ and I had suspected that they might want to rush this one for this year since 2024 lacks prestige contenders.

This looks like one of the first times I've seen The Rock stretch himself. Which is funny because he's playing a wrestler. But this is part of the big push A24 is making as they stretch into franchises and bigger budgets.

X-Men legends Greg Capullo and Jonathan Hickman team up for Wolverine: Revenge
The issues will also be released in polybagged “red band” editions with exclusive pages and exclusive violence

We finally know what Capullo is doing next and it's a Wolverine miniseries with Jonthan Hickman. This is going to be a must-read!