[+] 2 May 2024

Kamasi Washington, PT Anderson, Mad Max, A24, Streaming, Nathan Fielder, and more!

[+] 2 May 2024

Some fun stuff to talk about today. I'm still on the mend so it's a little shorter again...

But I had another idea of something I can include here moving forward. I want to stick with the Tues/Thurs link posts, but on Wednesday's I want it to be a bit more about the things I'm enjoying, new and old, entertainment-wise and other areas. I'll try that out next Wednesday.

See you tomorrow in the Weekend Edition.

Kamasi Washington goes further down the jazz-fusion path in Fearless Movement — album review
The tenor saxophonist continues his musical exploration with an array of guests
Kamasi Washington makes blockbusters. They aren’t the musical equivalent of the CGI-saturated superhero franchises that Hollywood pumps out. Instead, his albums are sprawling affairs with bravura storytelling, connoisseurial knowledge and a disregard for divisions between genres. They’re the work of an auteur who operates on a grand scale yet manages to do so without letting his ego run riot.
  • Haven't listened to this yet, but I'm super excited to check this one out tomorrow.
  • Blockbuster and jazz don't seem like words that would mix together very well, but it's true that Washington makes these epic, sonic soundscapes that are like a rocket taking off.