[+] 14 May 2024

Megalopolis, Bundles, Barbarella, A24, Batman, and more!

And we are back! Missing Thursday really threw things off as I have TONS of stuff to get through today. I'm saving most of today's news for Thursday to try to balance things out a bit.

But in other, more exciting news: we have a new look with banners from the incomparable Daniel Jurman. He is now the artist who "owns" our header banners for all three features of foofaraw and I couldn't be more delighted with how they've turned out.

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This trailer is truly incredible. Purely stunning. Given all the talk around it, I know it's going to be a wild ride, but hopefully it's coherent enough to deliver on the vision instilled through this trailer.

Business Corner

Disney+, Hulu & Max Take Relationship to Next Level: Summer Bundle Set
Disney+, Hulu, & Max will take their streaming relationship to the next level with a new bundle from Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery.
Comcast Unveils Peacock, Netflix, Apple TV+ Streaming Bundle
The upcoming StreamSaver bundle continues a bid by the NBCUniveral parent and rivals to wring profits from their direct-to-home consumer platforms.

Not one, but two mega-bundles have been announced in the last week. Max joins the Disney/Hulu bundle (minus ESPN+, which they still need to figure out what they are doing with that) while an unprecedented pairing of Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV join forces to rival it.

I don't think I can really benefit from any of these. I have the Disney trio already, get Max through my father-in-law (who doesn't use the streamer), Peacock is free through my credit card, Apple TV is in my Apple One bundle... Netflix is the only one we actually pay for on it's own right now.