[+] 11 April 2024

Shogun, South Park team up with Kendrick, and Low's Alan Sparhawk

[+] 11 April 2024

Some pretty killer movie news today that I’m really excited about, but before we get to that...

As we wrap up this week of RoL, I wanted to give a quick heads up that next week might be a little sporadic. My cousin happened in to some tickets for the first Phish show at The Sphere in Vegas… I’m not a huge Phish fan, but my cousin took me to two shows after I got married so I have some familiarity. I’m mostly going to experience The Sphere. I imagine it’ll be pretty crazy since it’s their first night too.

So long story short, I’m flying Wednesday night and will be at a concert Thursday night. Not planning on taking any time off from the day job so with your loving support and permission, I’ll probably only be sending out one of these RoL dispatches next week.

Lastly, I’m still playing around with some ideas I can add to this offering. Those who’ve known me a bit know my obsession with print. And while I’m not going to be sending anything out… I’ve been thinking about the single page print-at-home broadsheet zine again. The idea, I think, is going to be to run down what I’ve watched, read, and listened to with mini-reviews and then some other recommendations based on older stuff… I’ll probably just start monthly with the goal to get to weekly.

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